Roots and Branches (2001)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-01-08
A loving couple have four kids, who are great and cute kids that love each other a lot. However, tragedy strikes and the kids are all separated. 20 years later, one of the kids (now grown up into the beautiful and talented Gigi Leung) returns to China, after becoming a famous musician in the USA. She decides to try and track down her 3 siblings. Although they have ended up in radically different circumstances, the bonds of kinship are shown to be unbreakably strong.

Roots And Branches is a fine drama with very nice cinematography and great acting from everybody, even the four kids. The story alternates between the present day and flashbacks to their childhood, as we uncover the circumstances that led to their separation and the fate of their reunion.

The film is well made but unashamedly sentimental, with a very simple message about families being nice or something. I enjoyed the film, but don't relate to it very much... I'm putting it up for trade, 'cause I'm sure that if I wanted to watch a film about family bonds again it would be Miike's VISITOR Q rather than this.

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