My Father Is a Hero (1995)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2006-01-09
Summary: some remarkable stunts!
Following the success of New Legend of Shaolin, Tze Miu was again teamed with Jet Li in a modern day action-adventure story. Scripted by Sandy Shaw from a story by producer Wong Jing, My Father is Hero was directed by Corey Yuen Kwai. Jet Li is cast as a mainland undercover cop who is so far undercover his ailing wife and young son don't even know he's a policeman. The cast also features Anita Mui, Yu Rong-Guang and Ken Lo in supporting roles. A remarkably well crafted film, "My Father is Hero" is one of the best films made in Hong Kong during 1995.

The opening sequence of the film is almost perfect. Cross-cutting one scene with Tze at a martial arts tournament waiting for his dad and a scene with Jet on duty busting a crook and hurrying to his son's competition, Yuen Kwai sets up the close loving relationship that the two of them share. The sequence culminates with Jet and Tze brushing and rinsing their teeth and practicing Breathless Kung Fu in their morning ritual.

My Father is Hero is full of action and features some remarkable stunts with Jet and Tze doing lots of wire fu. As in New Legend, Tze is featured on his own and with other child actors at school. When Jet is sent to Hong Kong for undercover work, he is arrested and taken away in front of family and neighbors to protect his secret identity. The kids at school ridicule Tze about his dad, but the young individual stoically takes the abuse. Forced to defend himself and his sickly mom, Tze kicks butt just like his dad.
Reviewer Score: 9