Last Hero in China (1993)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-01-16
Wong Jing thrives on exploiting the current trends in HK cinema, and in LHIC he gets his hands on Jet Li to produce his own spin on the new Wong Fei-Hung craze. Besides the lead actor/character, the film shares a visual style, some music and and a martial art choreographer with the ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA series - but mixes it up with an altogether more low-brow humour and irreverence. The overall story is actually rather good, though it takes numerous diversions into the silly and sordid... which is actually rather amusing more often than not.

The action scenes from Yuen Wo-Ping are often excellently choreographed and innovative, but there's far too much undercranking (especially if you're watching the film on a PAL format!). And then there's the whole chicken suit business, which I'm sure Jet would rather we don't mention :p

LAST HERO IN CHINA is an irreverent addition to the Jet Li/Wong Fei Hung series that may offend those don't want to see this folk hero made fun of... but it does deliver plenty of entertainment if you're OK with Wong Jing's version of such :)
Reviewer Score: 8

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