The Last Blood (1991)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-01-16
THE LAST BLOOD was famously sold as HARD BOILED 2 by UK scum Eastern Heroes, leading to legions of disappointed fans who were expecting an actual sequel to the John Woo film that came out a year _after_ this one. Apart from a shoot out in a hospital the films are quite different, but judged on its own merits THE LAST BLOOD is not a bad film.

Andy and his girlfriend fly to Singapore for a holiday, and end up sharing a plane with the Daka Lama - who warns them that she shares the same horoscope and she will be in danger today. True enough, both are shot by terrorists at the airport, and it turns out that as well as a horoscope they share the same rare blood type. Only 3 people in Singapore have blood they can use for a transfusion - who will get "the last blood"? Alan Tam wants to get it for the Lama, Andy wants to get it for his girlfriend, and the terrorists don't want anyone to get it at all!

Wong Jing crafts a pretty solid action film with diversions into his trademark dumb humour and cheap thrills but a strong, coherent story overall. The action isn't as carefully or stylishly choreographed as a John Woo film, but has some good frenzied moments.
Reviewer Score: 7

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