The Duel of the Century (1981)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-01-16
Summary: 6/10 - a decent enough Chor Yuen/Gu Long film
Based on the same source as CLAN OF AMAZONS, with many of the same characters (played by different actors). The plot is typical Gu Long - waaaay too many characters and more twists and intrigues than Agatha Christie's entire output, but somehow I managed to follow everything that was happening and enjoyed the film a lot. The rooftop duel referred to in the title is also referenced in Stephen Chiau's FORBIDDEN CITY COP and Andrew Lau's THE DUEL - which I might have to watch again to see if it's actually a remake of DOTC. Recommended for fans of the CY/GL collaborations. The film has more comedy than other films from the duo.
Reviewer Score: 6

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