Deadly Target (1994)
Reviewed by: calros on 2006-01-22
Summary: Inspired philippino actioneer : )
The two best B-Series action teams (leaded by Ko and Kung) joined forces in this movie directed by Godfrey Ho. The result is really inspired and very pleasant. The story is as silly as always. Lisa (Yukari) and Anna (Sharon) make a very good couple as HK cops on holidays in Philippines; they must team with cop Eddie (Manzano) when their superior officers order them to arrest Ben (Cheung), ambitious arms smuggler and also Lisa's cousin.

All the topics of Philippino actioneers (bazookas, treachery, explosives, farts, choppers, ugly ladyboys, shootings, little daughters, car chases) are covered here, so if you are new in this sub-genre this can be your first movie. My copy is the HK version so many scenes starred by Manzano have been (badly) cut. Action scenes, locations and overall direction are nice. The climatic scene is almost notable but... it could be better.
Reviewer Score: 7