The Deadly Duo (1971)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2006-01-26
Summary: Quick and enjoyable tale of self-sacrifice...
The Deadly Duo is a classic Chang Cheh ultra-testosterone fueled tale of loyalty and sacrifice for a cause. Bao Ting Tien (Ti Lung) is a devoted follower of the Sung leader Kang (Yau Lung), who has been imprisoned by the Ch'ing government and the Emperor (Chan Sing). After a brazen rescue of some of his captured revolutionaries, Bao is told of their dwindling numbers due to the scheming Ch'ings. In order to rescue the Prince, he needs to employ the help of one of the masters of the ability to overcome gravity, Little Bat (David Chiang). Overcoming his own desire to do only for himself, Little Bat joins the team and sets off for the Emperor's temple.

The Deadly Duo is an expertly-paced adventure that never lets up until the classic Chang Cheh ending. The action is fast and furious and features some of the top martial arts actors in the Shaw stable, including Bolo Yeung, Wong Chung and Lau Kar-Wing (not to mention the leads Ti Lung and David Chiang). The theme of self-sacrifice is evident throughout the movie, as prominent characters gladly give up their limbs and lives for the good of the Prince. At points, even the leaders look shocked at the length to which those will go in order to advance the rescue. Both Ti and Chiang are excellent in their roles, with an extra nod to Chiang for his ability to show Little Bat's initial doubt and mercenary-like attitude. Later though, he realizes the importance of the mission and is willing to pay the ultimate price. A very enjoyable film and a great ensemble cast.
Reviewer Score: 8