Crime Story (1993)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2006-02-10
After all these years, I think I may have finally grasped something. Whenever I hear people dismiss Thunderbolt, First Strike, or any of Jackie Chan's other mid 90s films, I generally defend these films because I found them entertaining. However, something happened when I watched Crime Story: I sensed a different kind of energy that could only come from absolute passion for one's work. That is to say, Jackie Chan made this movie because he wanted to, and it shows. The attention to detail in this film is amazing. I learned a great deal about police operations--only to be be told in the ending notes that this film already greatly simplified classified police operations for the screen! Along with the attention to detail, this movie is also highly realistic, taking time to depict minor details that most blockbusters would have skipped, such as realistic uncertainty between the bad guys.

This film is dedicated to the police force and kidnapped victims. It is a good effort. If you have any doubt about Jackie's sincerity, he even sacrificed the romantic appeal! That's right--Crime Story does not feature Jackie enjoying any romance. And that's quite rare for this international star.

What I learned from this movie is the incredible energy behind a sincere project like this. There is less action than most of Jackie's films, and yet it more than made up with its excellent coverage of investigation operations.

Reviewer Score: 7