Golden Swallow (1968)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2006-02-10
Summary: Good follow up to Come Drink With Me
Although it really should be called "Silver Roc", "Golden Swallow" is Chang Cheh's follow-up to the legendary "Come Drink With Me," starring Cheng Pei-pei. The title would suggest that the movie would focus on Pei-pei's Golden Swallow character, but instead tends to follow the exploits of one of Chang Cheh's favorite actors, Jimmy Wang Yu (Silver Roc). At the start of the movie Golden Swallow is attacked and poisoned, leading a fellow master, Golden Whip (Lo Lieh), to rescue and protect her in his secluded valley. In the meantime, Silver Roc is on a murderous rampage throughout the region, targeting criminals and gangs, his hatred stemming from the brutal murder of his parents by petty thugs who were never caught. He leaves Golden Swallow's darts at the scene of each massacre, hoping to draw her into a confrontation. This leads to my main problem with this film. Even though the action is fantastic, the blood flows freely and Jimmy Wang Yu is a joy to watch, the premise of the story falls flat quickly. Silver Roc is intent on meeting his former classmate Golden Swallow, but the reason is never revealed. It is assumed that he is in love with her, but from her descriptions of him you would never know they had even talked, let alone fallen in love in the past. She mentions that he was aloof and hardly ever talked to any of his classmates, but we're supposed to believe that he is madly in love with her, willing to do anything to get her to find him. Lo Lieh acts as the chivalrous hero who wants to protect Golden Swallow from Silver Roc, but realizes that the two are destined to meet again. For the most part, the film is fun to watch for the massive amount of over-the-top violence and liberal doses of blood sprayed around the set, but in the end I found myself asking why any of the death and destruction had to occur in the first place. Had the back-story for the plot been set up stronger, the movie itself would have benefited greatly.
Reviewer Score: 7