The Road Home (1999)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2006-03-09
Summary: An ode to Zhang Ziyi...
A good movie, but not one of Zhang Yimou's best. (See "Raise the Red Lantern" or "Ju Dou" for that.) Still, a fine film. It truly captures that kind of love that is completely understood from first sight, and everything from that point on revolves around the other person. Beautiful cinematography, and a good performance from Zhang Ziyi. Unfortunately, it gets a little too sentimental at parts and there are a bit too many slow-mo and close-ups of Zhang running and generally looking cute and awe-struck. The influence of the movie "Titanic" on the director can also be noticed by the soaring, repetitious score (and the posters on the mother's wall at the film's start). All in all a good movie which will hopefully lead you to more polished films by Zhang Yimou.
Reviewer Score: 8