Making It (1978)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-03-14
Summary: 3rd Wynners film and the best
The Wynners return a third time to the big screen. They play a struggling band called the Five Tigers, desperate to make a record, do a show anywhere and get something to eat. Thankfully one company's star quits and so they arrive just in time. At the same time the son of wealthy tycoon, who looks just like Ah Lun, desperate to get away from his arranged marriage and all the hoopla, jumps ship and goes to the city. Ah Lun gets a stomach ache right when the band has to go on stage. They run into the lookalike and so they talk him into to standing in for him. Then some crooks spot Ah Lun in the hospital thinking he's the rich kid and hope to kidnap him and blackmail money. And then the fun begins...

This movie plays like an extended episode of the Monkees, HK style, with the sped up opening sequence, lots of sight gags (them running around like buffoons) and plenty of Wynners tunes. There's definitely some energy in all this wackiness, plus even a Bruce Lee spoof thrown in that sort of works. Funniest scene: the girls start screaming at their first performance--it was just Ah Lun's mouse that escaped and the girls saw it--but they're still a hit!
Only downside to the video version is it's not widescreen. With the Wynners popularity, they should at least put this film on DVD. Let's hope so. Otherwise in my book this is the best of the Wynners movies they made.
Reviewer Score: 6