All About Ah Long (1989)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Gentle Chow
The great Chow shows off a gentler side here. True, he's a bit rough with his ten year old son, who's been with him since his wife left for the US shortly after his birth, but the lad idolises his humble construction-worker dad. Chow is also a former great motorbike racer who gave it up as too dangerous when he had the little boy to take care of, but still keeps in touch with his old trainer, Ng Man Tat. His wife (Sylvia Chang) waltzes back into his life, wanting to spend more time with the son .... or so it seems.

True, strong similarities with Kramer vs Kramer, but siginificant differences too. The father/son relationship is totally different, as is the direction of the story in the second half and the resolution.

I found this film too slow and rather flat, and the combination of working-class Chow with power-dressing Chang implausible. Nor did there seem to be much spark between the estranged husband and wife. Only the father/son stuff was emotionally convincing, but somehow it didn't seem enough. It gives away nothing to say that there's a sad ending, as we know all along that only one of the couple can have the son, but the way it's done is just too melodramatic.

Overall : a yawn.
Reviewer Score: 2