Always Be the Winners (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: AWFUL
Tries to be wacky, but wavers between surreal, cruel, gross and stupid. The first hour consists mainly of the two Tony Leungs trying to harm each other for no apparent reason (especially when one is employed to help the other win).

Occasional bits do work. Eric Tsang uses his high feminine voice to mercilessly send himself up as the (female) wetnurse. In a surreal scene near the beginning, Leung Chiu-Wai's two gorgeous and lazy sisters (Charine Chan and Teresa Mak) loll about on the sofa (as they do for most of the movie) while wetnurse Eric wipes their mouths and hands and, in the same motion, their breasts. And the brief appearances of the ninja Plum Blossom (an agent of Leung CW's opponent) are a welcome lift in proceedings.

The acting is less than wonderful, though Dior Cheng manages to be suitably evil in the limited role of Leung CW's opponent. Even the normally reliable Leung Kar-Fai slouches most of the time, though the scene where he tries to get Dior's cockatoo on side is a scream. Sandra Ng manages to look glamorous, which only adds to the surreality.

But the main fault of this film is that there is far too little actual gambling, and too little of any interest in the non-gambling bits. As a big fan of HK gambling films, and frustrated at the small number of them being made, this film was a double disappointment.

Definitely not worthwhile. This film is as bad and as irritating as ChungKing_Express, but at least it had a script (however poor) and wasn't hyped .......
Reviewer Score: 1