Boys Are Easy (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Pretty good
"Boys Are Easy"... but these girls certainly aren't ! After the terrific opening fight scene (the sort of stuff for which Brigitte is justly famous), things vary from so-so to just plain cruel to very funny. The wackiness often crosses the line into cruelty. Example : ChingMy pretends to be a hooker who was raped by an elder relative, identifies her kindly uncle as that relative to her intending boyfriend (Dior Cheng), who promptly beats the crap out of him. But at other times, the violent scenes are truly funny, e.g. Brigitte Lin beating up Tony Leung before bedding him. Brigitte and Tony are the wildest, the funniest and the most watchable couple. Tony plays a similar part in the appalling Rose_Rose_I_Love_You, but is vastly more effective here, and pulls out some great comic turns - for instance, the "Bo-ling" musical number with Yuen King-Tan, and a hilarious take on Bruce Lee.

In part, this movie could be subtitled "Carry On Triads", with the Triad Olympics (the starting pistol is a machine-gun !), sweet Maggie Cheung posing as Vietnam Rose and intimidating Jacky Cheung's boss, and the wildly funny and exciting final fight scene.

ChingMy doesn't have much to do but look cute and sweet (but who's complaining ?), Brigitte actually shows off her gorgeous looks some of the time, and Maggie is as charming as ever.

In summary : After the spectacular opening, it takes a while to warm up. The first half has many scenes when you're not sure whether to wince or chuckle. The second half is very funny, sometimes touching, and even warm and romantic in places.

OVERALL : Not one of Wong Jing's masterpieces, but pretty good.
Reviewer Score: 5