Call Girl '92 (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Disappointing
Dull for the first hour. If you can hold out for that long, the last 30 minutes is quite pleasant. Generally very slow pace, with a few subdued and discreet sex scenes. Reminded me of Right_Here_Waiting (also with Carrie Ng & Cec Yip), but less involving or dramatic. There are occasional funny and tender moments, but it's mostly soap opera on a very low level.

There are a few oddities about this film. Cheng Man plays against type as an unglamorous woman (complete with heavy glasses), until divorced, when she joins the other call girls as a trainee. Also, this is the only HK I've ever seen where all the closing credits are in English and Chinese !

OVERALL : Even three (or four, depending on taste) of HK's loveliest woman can't make this any more than minor interest.
Reviewer Score: 3