Cash on Delivery (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Muddled and mostly dull
Yet another early 90s movie where Simon Yam plays a gigolo, and seem to have similarities to Friday_Gigolo. Starts with a whole lot of silly antics that don't seem to go anywhere, then slowly resolves into a love triangle.

Uptight lawyer Sandra Ng tries to prosecute, then falls for and is thawed out by gigolo/bar owner/antique dealer/woman magnet (godsakes, how does he fit it all in ?) Simon Yam, who in turn is pursued and hired by rich Veronica Yip to go on a week's yacht cruise and screw her silly with the aim of getting pregnant (he gets PAID for this ?!), so that her impotent husband can score a cash bonus from the family (double if it's a boy, of course).

When Simon finally spurns the luscious Veronica for the dorky Sandra (hey, this IS fiction !), things suddenly turn from silly comedy to very nasty. Simon confronts Veronica and accidentally shoots her husband dead. In the trial that follows, Veronica frames Simon for murder, and Sandra switches to defending Simon. The happy ending is weird, and only makes the result seem even more muddled.

If you want nude/sex scenes only, forget this movie ! There are only two short ones : one after half an hour, the other bang in the middle (so to speak). The Cat 3 rating is consolidated by excessive and often excrutiating talk about sex and reproduction, much which occurs under cross- examination in court. The one exception, which is very funny, is the kissing lesson which Simon gives Sandra in the courtroom, and is used as a running gag later.

And there's some wild dialogue. Simon gives advice to his cousin (Michael Chow), also a gigolo, thus : "Women are like a well. Men are just a pipe. Even Lee Ka-Sing will eventually run dry". And when Veronica talks about her desire, it is to have a "BB", which could mean either baby or baby boy.

OVERALL : Dedicated fans of Veronica Yip may find some curiosity
value here. Otherwise, less than wonderful.
Reviewer Score: 3