Dragon Inn (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Eastern Western
Has big clear subtitles - a pleasure to be able to read them without squinting or glasses. The phrase "Eastern Western" comes irresistably to mind. Heavy samurai overtones here. And shades of Sweeney Todd (or a rehearsal for The Untold Story, perhaps ?) in the kitchen when they serve roast lamb with not a sheep in sight.

Stylish, well-filmed with some good flying-people action scenes, as Tsui Hark's name guarantees, but not one of Tsui's best, and very depressing (even though some of the main characters survive at the end). Still, better than average. Clear and deliberate homage to the original Dragon Inn, but it gets more and more like The Moon Warriors towards the end.
Reviewer Score: 6