Erotic Ghost Story (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Great fun
I can't believe you guys being so hard on this gorgeously photographed and highly entertaining period sex comedy.

Story : Based on The Witches Of Eastwick and given the Chinese Ghost Story treatment, with generous slabs of erotic nude scenes added. A LOT more fun than TWOE, and in the same class as CGS.

Erotic/sex scenes : Outstanding and plentiful. Colourful and loving photography of three of HK's loveliest actresses of the time getting it off and getting down with one very lucky bloke and each other.

Comedy : ranges from funny to side-splitting. From the opening scene, where Amy Yip's character plays an oldie-but-goodie girl ghost trick on an unexpecting bunch of guys, to a screaming take on TWOE's cherry-eating sequence (with a pineapple), to the reason the girls start growing hairs on their chests, there's enough laughs to keep you going over the occasional intrusions of plot or (later) horror.

Acting : In a fast-paced, funny, sexy visual feast like this, who cares ?!

Overall : A better sex comedy even than the notorious Sex & Zen.

Comparison with the sequel : EGS II, though quite a different story, is even better..... If you want your mind truly blown, see EGS I and II as a double bill. It's the best HK film+sequel pair I've ever seen. Better, though I admit it reluctantly, then Chinese Ghost Story I & II.
Reviewer Score: 8