Fong Sai Yuk II (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Outstanding
Slam-bang great fun (though a bit gory at times), and even better than the first one. Hilarious contest between Fong's (Jet Li) girlfriend (Michelle Lee) and a princess (luscious Amy Kwok), whom he needs to win over for political purposes. The scene where Fong makes advances to the princess is a scream. Jo Siao is great, as always, as Fong's wild and loyal mother. Fong, at one point, claims the title of Canton's Young Man Of the Year and - a rare event - Jet Li even manages a modest amount of smiling in this pic. The finale, a fight to save Fong's mother from hanging (above a teetering pile of chairs) is one of THE all-time climactic battles in HK filmdom (the equal of any of Jackie Chan's best), and was copied in the just-as-good Tai_Chi_Master.

OVERALL : Excellent comedy/action, a definite must-see.
Reviewer Score: 10