Friday Gigolo (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-04
Summary: Pretty bad
Starts out as a mild sex comedy, but quickly turns into a murder/revenge mystery.

Donald (Simon Yam) is a photographer who takes Fridays off to do what the title suggests. This week, his client is Sophia (Yau Yuet Ching), a ravenous rich man's wife. She gets her full money's worth but, before leaving, witnesses a murder in the street. Unable to report to the police for fear of her husband (who is soon revealed to be Donald's boss !), so Donald reports it to the police and poses as the witness.

Big mistake. Partly because of Lan (sister of the murder victim), Donald corroborates her identification of the killer, a mental incompetent who flips out when women arouse him. The court case, in which Donald poses as the witness, fails, then things start going awry. Sophia loses any enthusiasm for the case, leaving Donald out on a limb. Donald witnesses the killer striking again, this time a stripper. He phones Sophia at home, leading his boss to find out he's been cuckolded. Soon after, Sophia is killed, and Donald is clearly being framed for it. A gang tries to kill Donald in a most suggestive manner, but he's rescued by Lan. Then it starts to get really violent, and only one of the lead characters survives to the end.

The Cat 3 rating is earned, but not in the way you'd expect. There's no frontal nudity at all, and only brief toplessness during the strip show. Donald and Sophia's hot pant-fest at the start, and the ridiculously and the without-style gun battle at the end put this one clearly into Cat 3.

The feel of this film reminded me of Evil Instinct, but this one is even worse. More gory, far less sexy, even less funny ! The only light touches are from two (very brief) appearances by the (as always) wacky Yuen King-Tan, as Donald's landlady.

If this plot description makes it sound good to you, think again ! Ranges between boring, irritating and even offensively gory.
Reviewer Score: 2