Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-06
This film was promoted as a spicy comedy. Well, spicy is too strong a word, and comedy it certainly ain't ! Depending on one's viewpoint, this is either a leisurely or dull but mostly quite grim family soap opera based around cooking. The texture is like unflavoured congee (rice porridge) with the occasional chili, frying your tongue at unexpected but too infrequent moments.

The old cook who's lost his sense of taste worries about the too-modern and free lives of his three daughters. There ARE a couple of funny scenes, including one which is downright hilarious. Without spoiling it, the scene concerns a woman's reading of a man's intentions then his revelation of what he actually wishes (a goldmine of humour anywhere !).

I was lead to believe that the majority of the film would be of this calibre. That it wasn't, was a big disappointment. And a warning : depending on what food you like, this film may either excite your appetite or entirely ruin it. Personally, the loving close-ups of dissection of fish made me ill ! Don't expect too much from this movie. But even if you see it with this in mind,
it's unlikely to be a satifying meal.
Reviewer Score: 3