Funny Triple (1985)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-04-08
Summary: Typical but funny 80's cop comedy
Eric Tsang and Anthony play Woodpecker and Goldfinger, two bungling cops trying to find dirt on big time crook Mr. Big to bring him to justice. They try to put pressure on one of his associates, a cocky pimp named Fredman, who has ties to Mr. Big's wife. In the meantime, a teasing and pretty co-worker Gigi comes between the two cops and when Goldfinger hooks up with her, fighting and misunderstanding ensues. When Fredman is captured by Mr. Big's thugs, it's the duo's chance to catch them all.

Even in a B HK movie such as this, there's still plenty to like about it. The chase and action scenes are so well paced and edited you can't help but enjoy it. The middle section kind of bogs down to more comedy and a romantic angle, that is until the explosive ending. Nat Chan as a pimp is an interesting character choice--usually he plays the everyday loser/good guy. Chan and Tsang go well together as well. That makes the film kind of like "Young Pom Pom," don't you think? Very similar feel. It's strange I never heard of any of the actresses in the film. Could they not get a big name or was everyone busy? Anyway, for 80's HK fun and action, Funny Triple is a good afternoon movie.
Reviewer Score: 6