The Tigers - The Legend of Canton (1993)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-04-08
Summary: Decent Wynners vehicle
The Wynners reunite once again for this period piece action comedy. A chinese traitor schemes with some Japanese to capture revolutionary Sun Yat-sen, and plan to take over China. One of his associates Wah escapes (momentarily) and gets out a message to the Five Tigers, five famous heroes, to meet and rescue him. They bicker and argue, and one even has horribly bad luck. On top of that they get the mission mixed up. But eventually they team up whatever they're supposed to do!

On the 20th anniversary of the Wynners, the quintet get together again to make another movie. This one is rather entertaining and actually has some sort of story this time we can follow. It mixes intrigue, political history, martial arts and of course Wynners buffoonery that hopefully you'll like. Add to that a decent supporting cast including Nat Chan, who escapes and keeps getting recaptured, Yuen King-tan, Leung Kar-yan as the Japanese soldier with super fists, and Anthony Wong as the traitor with the Hitler moustache. All and all it makes for an average show, but it's one of the more entertaining films featuring the Wynners. If you're fans of them, no doubt you want to check out this film. Others? Well....
Reviewer Score: 6