Swordsman at Large (1971)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-04-09
Summary: 7/10 - pretty decent
Pretty decent wu xia pian with a convoluted Ku Long story (is there any other kind?) and a rare lead role for Frankie Wei Hung. The story meanders around a bit but is basically about a conspiracy to get a special knife and dominate the martial world mixed with some star-crossed lovers. Tina Chin Fei comes and goes throughout the film, looking stunning and leaving a stronger impression than ostensible female lead Margaret Hsing Hui. There's some great cinematography in parts, but a lot of shots that are out of focus in others. The fight choreography is pretty mediocre for the most part, but has some moments - in particular, the final fight is pretty rocking.

Not a lot to add really - it's not top-tier wu xia, but it's a good enough watch for fans of the genre to consider picking up.
Reviewer Score: 7

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