My Kung Fu Sweetheart (2006)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-04-23
Wong Jing... love him or hate him, he's certainly sold more movie tickets than you ever will! MY KUNG FU SWEETHEART is the third time since Kung Fu Hustle came out that he has re-teamed Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu, this time as the parents of Cecilia Cheung, who turn out to be martial arts masters secretly fighting crime and evil in the modern day world. Cecilia wants to follow in their footsteps so she learns Kung Fu at Hua Shan in her summer holidays, then becomes a secretary because kung fu doesn't pay the bills in the modern world. She falls for her new boss (Leo Ku) but trouble is a brewin' as the villainous martial arts master Pai Mei (White Brows) returns to the world.

MKFS can't be called original - in fact I'm sure it's deeply formulaic at heart, but it amalgamates such a wide range of ideas and antics that there's hardly time to stop and think about that. The overall plot arc will bring exactly zero surprises, but some of the individual scenes certainly will (or should). The film is fast-paced and entertaining, without being too taxing on the brain cells. Production values are pretty high, though it does feel a bit slap-dash at times (hey, it is Wong Jing). Leo Ku is certainly not a charismatic or talented actor but manages to remain fairly un-annoying (perhaps only because Sammy Leung is called in to draw our fire) - Cecilia definitely deserves a better romantic co-lead though. Yuen Wah & Yuen Qiu are really just having fun again, and nobody can blame them for that.

Given the title, you might be expecting there to be a bit of action in the film - and you won't be disappointed! Well, unless you expected the action to be good. The choreography seems ok, with some decent wirework going on, but it's filmed and edited poorly, so you can't see much of what's happening. Provides some excitement in places, but not a reason to watch the film.

It's not a profound film, not a classic of our times, but I certainly enjoyed watching it :)
Reviewer Score: 7

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