Undercover Hidden Dragon (2006)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-04-23
Summary: Atrocious twaddle
There are few things more unbearable than unfunny comedy.

The story starts without promise and only occasionally springs to life before sinking back into meandering nonsense. The script has the feel of being made up as it went along, with so little connection between scenes that it could almost be a collection of sketches that all fell flat.

Perhaps the scriptwriters had ADHD. Example : the flying contraption in which the lead actor appears on the poster comes in about half way through the film. He and the inevitable fat buddy are strapped into these ludicrous flying suits. They leap off tall buildings, harrassing criminals and rescuing damsels. Then the story continues as if these super hero antics hadn’t happened. No reference is made to this scene, before or after.

This film is built as a comedy vehicle for the lead actor, who engages in a lot of mugging, squealing and wild antics. To be fair, the Hongkies in the audience with me giggled and laughed a bit, though they paid more attention to each other and their mobile phones than to the film. The lead actor dominates the film, so how you react to it will be based on whether you like the guy’s style or not.

There is just one bright spot. About twenty minutes in, a mysterious and unnamed gangster wearing a cape comes flying through the air and starts kicking members of another gang. There follows about a minute of furious and well-choreographed fighting. This chap appears twice more, including near the end. In the brief time he spends on screen, he lights up proceedings and things get exciting.

Note to producers : If you make a sequel, build it around this flying kicking guy and his antics. Then, the worst you could do would be to make a movie of action-packed humourless nonsense, rather than just humourless nonsense.

Oh yes, and the women are nice to look at. And, given the chance, they are pretty good fighters and kickers to boot. Burt they only get to show their stuff in all-too-brief bursts.

These brief and exciting sequences serve only to make the rest of the movie look like the crap that it is. The only other positive comment I have is that the cinematography was quite pleasant.

If this movie was the effort of first time directors, producers or writers it might, just might be excusable. But considering the experience and past successes of Gordon Chan and Dante Lam, I can only wonder what they were thinking.

This is undoubtebly the worst HK movie I have seen in years.
Reviewer Score: 1