Catching Murderer Overseas (2003)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2006-04-28
Summary: A terrible movie
The “Catching Murderer Overseas” VCD issued by Tai Seng may not be the worst combination of content and functionality published by a major distributor but it will do until something even more shoddy turns up. The presence of Cynthia Khan (credited here as Cynthia Yang) is the only reason that it is even marginally watchable. It must have been made on a tiny budget and the producers get the most out of their only asset—she has a lot of screen time with plenty of fights and gunplay. Cynthia works hard and looks as good as anyone can in a washed out shot on video abomination. It is one of those movies that wasn’t released—it escaped.

The copy I watched was without subtitles, although if the dialogue was on a par with the rest of the film nothing was missed. The cinematographer, most likely out of boredom, used a tilted film plane quite often. Used very sparingly this can evoke disorientation that the characters are feeling or just show how the entire world that the film encompasses has come unmoored. When combined with deep shadows and harsh lighting it is one of the most effective images in film noir. When used on every other shot it is just annoying, especially so when the scene is of people going down stairs, they seem to be taking on step up for every one down..

CMO jumps from scene to scene and location to location without transition, unless there is a voiceover that explains everything which is unlikely.

Recommended only for those who need to see every bit of Cynthia Khan’s work.

Reviewer Score: 1