The Trail (1983)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-04-29
Summary: Good spooky flick
A gang of opium smugglers, disguised as Taoist Priests transporting hopping corpses (with charms), are hired to transport a real dead body to it's final resting place. They accidentally lose it in a sulfur swamp--no big deal. But then the corpse reanimates itself and starts a murder spree, hoping to track down it's murderer....

I was surprised how good this movie was. When I think of Kent Cheng and Ricky Hui I always think "funny." Not this time, but I didn't mind as the story was very good and they way it unfolded and provided chills was great. The movie is very moody, has a cool atmosphere, and there is a little touch of humor here and there--dark humor. The ending is well done and the Exorcist epilogue was strange but funny.

Interesting early work from Ronny Yu. I'd watch it again--good Halloween movie!
Reviewer Score: 7