Behind the Yellow Line (1984)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-04-30
Summary: Maggie's charming and starring debut
Leslie is Simon, a mild mannered guy starting a new job and taking care of his mom and dad. He catches a glimpse of a pretty girl named Monica at the MTR station--and it's love at first sight. But she's going through a tough breakup with a guy who's married. She does get over it and the two become a couple. But not only does her ex return, Simon is constantly interrupted by a perky rich girl Anita, who spends lots of money on him, is annoying, but is just looking for company. This strains Simon and Monica's quest for love, but finally she puts Simon to a test, once again at the MTR station...

This Shaw Brothers production is a predictable but enjoyable romantic comedy. Leslie and Maggie are charming and make a good couple. I'm glad I got to see Maggie in her first starring role--she's come a long way, and they were right to pick her for this movie as she definitely has natural screen presence. Anita Mui is fun to watch and her spunky character adds energy to the film. The film is also chock full of great songs too by several artists including a duet by Leslie and Anita. I could see where the movie was going, but the ups and downs were interesting and the theme of the MTR (where the title comes from) was a good variation on the story. This is good film for fans of all the stars.

Reviewer Score: 7