Everlasting Regret (2005)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-05-03
Summary: Sammi's "Center Stage"
Wong Qi yao is a young plain lady raised in Shanghai, plucked from obscurity to become a beauty contest winner. We follow her along her relationships with her friends Lili and artist Cheng. We also see her deal with her love life, and her tribulations with the wrong kind of men, who keep leaving. As time passes, and after bringing up a daughter, she looks back, seeing if there were any regrets in life. Again though she gets mixed up with the wrong man, and this time may be the last...

Personally I was amazed at the transformation Sammi went through for this Stanley Kwan film. It was stunning to see her made up in old-time attire, and being plain looking--a far cry from all the stage make-up and hair color in her past films and concerts. It's a challenging role, and I think she was able to pull it off. The film itself is photographed very well, and I was impressed with the set design, and the acting of the others--especially Leung Kar-fei, who's still good after all these years. The oldies soundtrack is also very catchy and nostalgic. It's a sad and tragic film, but the style AND the substance of the film is so rewarding, I'd watch it again. I hope Sammi gets more roles like this now.

Reviewer Score: 8