Herbal Tea (2004)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-05-03
Summary: Funny and lighthearted
Lam May-chu is the tomboyish offspring of parents who gave birth to her when they were in their 60's (all those herbs!). Now deceased, she's inherited their herbal tea shop and runs it very well, with a wide array of staff and clientele. She meets Dan, a movie stuntman with lots of small credits and experience but still hoping for a starring role someday. They become friends after Dan is dumped by his girlfriend--movie star Linda. May tries to help him get back together although she has feelings for him. Dan feels it too, and decides to give it a try with May. All is well until Dan gets his wish--a starring role in a film--but overseas and he'll have to be away from May for over a year...Will their love still exist when he returns?

I didn't know much about the movie or Candy Lo going into it, but it turns out I liked both the film and her very much. She seems to be a natural with the material here. She has a lot of spunk and energy and definitely has talent. Adding Jordan Chan in the mix just made it better, and I had to laugh since he's a HK stuntman, and boasts about how he was Chow Yun-fat's stunt double in Hard Boiled! I also liked how he demonstrated a proper fall when kicked. His way of over-the-top crying (LINDA!), I thought at first it was too much, but it did work in the end. The movie, like herbal tea itself, is very heartwarming and pleasant. Check out this underrated comedy by Herman Yau of "Untold Story" fame (if you can believe that!).
Reviewer Score: 7