Why, Why, Tell Me Why!! (1986)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-05-07
Summary: okay mahjong comedy
Tallie shuns the game of mahjong. Back in old times, his poor father had to do everything--run the house and settle affairs, while his wife was always in the mahjong parlor. Tallie's latest girlfriend dumped him because of mahjong. One day though he overhears a spunky girl named Anita saying she hates mahjong, and he wants to get to know her. In reality she's an avid mahjong player and can't stop. Tallie tries hard to date her and to get her to shake the habit, but the game is much too great a temptation. So he trains to be an expert mahjong player (or rather cheater) in order to challenge Anita--if he wins she has to quit. Of course, things don't go as planned...

This is different type of comedy from Hong Kong as it focuses on the popular asian game of mahjong. You see it a lot of films but never as a focus. Is it really that addictive? But wait: is it really the focus or just a screen for the real heart of the movie? For an 80's comedy it tries to be a movie with a message, but mostly it's just a vehicle for comedic situations between the stars, coupled with inserts of popular Anita Mui songs of the time. Not that it's a bad thing. Anita Mui continues to show her flair for comedy and acting, while Anthony Chan continues to show a knack for playing everyday not-so-handsome glasses-wearing guys trying to do good (a la Michael Hui). The climax of the movie comes out of improvised territory possibly, but it's a decent end, and the coda is humorous but rather abrupt. Perhaps if I fully understood the game of mahjong, I'd think more highly of this film.

For now, it's an okay film.

Reviewer Score: 6