Young People (1972)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-05-08
Summary: Can you say "groovy?"
Drummer Hung Wai, who's also a Kung Fu expert, heads the music and dance club at school where they get a new singer named Po-Erh. Lam Tat is the star of the basketball team, while Ho Tai is the star of the Martial Arts team. Lam and Ho butt heads because of Princess, who attaches herself to whoever shines out the most. Hung Wai acts neutral and hopes to maintain peace between the two. In the end, the three team up to compete in a Go-Kart race, hoping Hung will win...

So what's this? Did Chang Cheh get tired of making bloody kung fu films this early in the game, and want to try something different? I suppose he succeeded, but this is the odd movie out in his filmography--a mixture of old-fashioned drama and comedy in a modern setting, filled to the rim with a full on basketball game, a Kung Fu tournament (yes there IS still kung fu action in the film!), a Go Kart race, and plenty of songs (sung in English by the very cute Agnes Chan) and dance choreography! You got the rivalry between Chen Kuan Tai and Ti Lung, with cool guy David Chiang in the middle. Plus the prima donna girl who wants to be with the coolest guy and be the focus of attention. Oh and of course the comic relief by Wu Ma! I couldn't help but laugh at the love triangle moments, the super high flying basketball moves and the flying go kart scene! It's just so wild to see the stars in bell bottoms, sunglasses and hats instead of period piece costumes, but I guess it was cool for it's time. It still is!

It's good nostalgic fun, cheesy and harmless--well it might eat away at your brain! Maybe you should watch one of Chang Cheh's Kung Fu films after viewing this.

Reviewer Score: 6