Escape from Hong Kong Island (2004)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-05-10
Summary: Interesting and humorous drama
Raymond Mak is a selfish, thoughtless businessman who goes to work one day and finds out he's being fired. It's fine with him as he's already been offered a new job at another company, provided he can get from HK Island to Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) by 5pm for an interview. That'd be no problem, but everything including the kitchen sink that could go wrong does go wrong for him, losing his wallet/ID, thereby not being able get any of his money for transportation. None of his friends or colleagues will help, as they heard of his firing AND the fact that he treated every one of them badly in the past. When he's hit rock bottom, he promises to do good if he can get across Hong Kong Harbour...

This is very interesting premise for a film. And usually it IS pretty easy and fast to get from the HK Island side to the Kowloon side in Hong Kong (I've done it before). But poor Jordan Chan just can't get a break. Early on I can see where this movie is going--everything and everyone won't make it easy for Chan's character. I admit it got tedious after a while and I wanted to say, "Oh, man. Not again. Why can't he get there?" But Mak suffers from that old saying: what goes around comes around, or the more you give the more you get back. But the ending is pleasant, and the cast is pretty good. It's a good first try for director Simon Lou.

Reviewer Score: 6