The Mighty Peking Man (1977)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2006-05-14
Summary: a bad idea
One of the most ignoble moments of cinema history passed during the production meeting at Shaw Bros. Studios when this project got the green light. This bad idea spawned a film that is unintentionally laugh out loud funny in almost every sequence. The Mighty Peking Man is a bad film. It is not good on any level. It’s not even good kitsch or campy in any way.

Director Ho Meng-Hua had been at Shaw Studios for about 20 years and had directed almost 50 films by the time he was assigned to this movie. I think he was punching the time clock and collecting a paycheck. I hope he had some enjoyment working with Evelyn Kraft who he keeps practically naked for the entire film. With all that experience at the helm, I imagine that producer Runme Shaw was expecting better results.
Reviewer Score: 3