You're My Destiny (1987)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-06-06
Summary: Good afternoon movie
Alan plays Tempo, who works at a delivery service company during the day, and plays in a struggling band in a club at night. He's frustrated with his girlfriend (along with his friends) and her flaunting of "gifts" she receives, so when he meets a nice Japanese girl named Naomi, he hopes to make friends with her. Naomi is the daughter of an important executive back in Japan, who's trying to close an important land deal. She ran away from her hotel room in Hong Kong so she can go out and have fun. When her father suffers a fatal heart attack, she becomes the heir to his business, and has to sign the land contract in four days time, or else it'll revert to a shady businessman who'll turn the land into a red light district. Of course he hires thugs to kidnap Naomi in Hong Kong, but hadn't counted on Tempo and his friends to try and rescue her...

The movie is okay at first with a Japanese intro, and then starting a typical romantic friends comedy along with 80's cantopop (Papa Oom mow mow!) But I like the addition of the Japanese girl, her wanting to get away, but getting caught up in her late father's business. Alan's friends are obnoxious but not bad this time around, they provide chuckles and Teddy Robin--I always find him interesting to watch in HK flicks. The romantic angle is again typical but it worked for me, even in absurd situations like when Alan lets himself gets soaked by the street cleaner vehicle. The addition of action, including lots of bike stunts makes the film a bit more engaging--even the small addition of fisticuffs is somewhat exciting. It's a movie to enjoy perhaps on a boring Sunday afternoon! A little lighthearted fluff to take in, when you've watched everything else.
Reviewer Score: 6