The Singing Killer (1970)
Reviewed by: cpardo on 2006-07-19
Summary: Wow!
Johnny is an ex-gang member now famous pop singer that makes crowds go crazy for his crooning. One thing he misses in life is his long lost girlfriend Lily which he wrote a song about. His old gang plot a scheme with Feng, the owner of the club where Johnny sings, to blackmail him into a robbery scheme if they tell him of Lily's whereabouts. To their surprise Lily works in the store they're going to rob, and the reunion makes Johnny change his mind on the robbery, causing mayhem and forcing Johnny to go on the run with Lily. After much deliberation and tragedy, Johnny decides to go to the police, but not before storming Feng's house for a showdown...

They don't make 'em like this anymore! They did this kind of thing in U.S. movies but they were always so corny and bad. But this modern HK version of the tale, it's a no holds barred kind of movie which covers all bases and includes gun battles bloody violence, adult themes, plenty of fist fights (kung fu style), romance and of course songs--it becomes a lot of fun. It's a great late night movie. I didn't know Chang Cheh could make a movie like this. It's a nice surprise.
Reviewer Score: 7