Dragons Forever (1988)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2006-07-19
Summary: 9/10 - classic 80's action/comedy
The last film that the "Three Brothers" - Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao - would make together is a fine example of what made HK action cinema so special, and especially the contribution that those three made to the martial arts/action/comedy genre.

Jackie plays against type as a rather sleazy lawyer, whilst Sammo is a con man with a good heart and Yuen Biao is... mostly crazy :-) Yuen Wah is the villainous factory owner whose pollution is destroying Deannie Yip's fish farm, and wants her taken care of one way or another before the case gets to court. Jackie calls in his brothers to execute a three-pincered scheme, but ends up falling for Deanie's cousin (the lovely Pauline Yeung) and maybe deciding that he should do the right thing instead.

The film is a fast-paced tale of romance, comedy and action with some great "set-piece" moments for the three performers to show off their particular skills. Funny and exciting, though obviously about as deep as a pancake. The production values are high, the script reasonably tight and the action... superlative. Some really amazing fights and stunts, with both Jackie and Sammo's stunt teams at the peak of their careers.

Sadly, every dvd version of the film has had two scenes cut - both of which involving Yuen Biao and his psychiatrist (Stanley Fung). I have no idea why these were ever removed from the film, as having finally seen them I agree that their absence hurts quite a lot... several plot developments only make sense once you've seen these scenes. The HKL platinum edition features them on the 2nd disc, which is better than nothing - but definitely a wasted opportunity to edit them back into the film where they belong.

The 2 disc set does feature some other interesting features, including an interview with "Benny The Jet" which should squash the rumours that he and Jackie hated each other and their fight is so brutal because they were really trying to hurt each other. It turns out he's a real sweetie, and it seems they fought hard just because they both wanted to make the scene as good as they could.

It also features a great presentation of the film - video, sound and subtitles are all great quality. A good way to revisit a classic, and appreciate what amazingly talented guys Jackie, Sammo and Biao were at their peak :-)
Reviewer Score: 9

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