Re-Cycle (2006)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-07-25
Summary: Pretty good
Far better than most HK horror films. This one still isn't very scary, though there are a few chills and surprises. The background music and sound design perform a great job of creating a ghostly ambience, and do an effective job at setting up a jittery atmosphere.

The visuals are impressive. The construction of the various landscapes and dreamscapes are first class, and gives the appearance of things done on an A-grade scale.

The gorgeous sound and vision do overshadow the story somewhat. There are liberal borrowings from The Wizard Of Oz, though presented in a much darker light (hmmm, bit of an oxymoron there). Having said that, the film clips along at a good pace throughout and is involving the whole way. The opening few scenes contain a number of familiar horror devices (e.g. the persistently ringing phone with weird noises the only sound when answered), but predictability goes out the window soon after, and interest never wavers after that. I genuinely couldn't tell what would happen in the next scene, and the trend of the story took quite some time to emerge, creating tension and easily holding interest.

Angelica Lee is convincing in her role, which dominates the movie, and apparent newcomer Tsang Nga Kei is excellent as the little girl. No-one else gets much of a look-in, though it is always a pleasure to see Lau Siu Ming get an outing.

Overall, surprising and recommended.
Reviewer Score: 7