Love Undercover 3 (2006)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2006-07-31
Summary: Dumb
Very dumb and not very funny.

I haven't seen the first two films in this series, but from what I've read in the reviews, this third film seems to have lost a lot of its zip by dumping some of the main regular cast.

So why did I rate it 3 and not 1 ? There are a few bright spots. I found the models as hostage takers hilarious. And terrific old troupers like Hui Siu Hung and Yuen King Tan always add interest.

However, the target audience is first and foremost Hong Kongers, and the HK girl seated behind me (the only other audience member) giggled throughout. So perhaps I'm simply less affected by actors outrageously and continuously mugging and generally making dickheads of themselves.

I thoroughly recommend you go and see Dragon Tiger Gate (or see it again) instead of this twaddle.
Reviewer Score: 3