Kung Fu Student (1989)
Reviewed by: calros on 2006-08-31
Summary: Another supernatural vehicle for our favorite Momotaro.
This time the story is loosely based on "Where's Officer Tuba?" which was loosely based on the British TV series of the 60s "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)". Lin Shao-Luo plays an "ugly duck" who works in her uncle's Detective Agency. She is a weeping clumsy teen who dreams to be the coolest policewoman in the world. One day she gets pregnant by accident, that is, the soul of a killed mobster (Lo Rei) who wanted to reincarnate in a newborn of a rich woman runs into Lin and is trapped in her stomach. Lo is expelled by a fart and now only Lin can see and hear him. After a give-and-take between ghost and girl, Lo decides to help Lin. Now the supernatural martial arts scenes appear and the movie gets better, but unfortunately the director Chong Yun-Kin (who later would direct "Shy Spirit") doesn't exploit enough the possibilities of the story. The ghost-hunting final fight, which should be the climax of the movie, is also mid-spoiled with stupid scenes. Anyway, funny ghost movie.
Reviewer Score: 6