Magic Story (1987)
Reviewed by: calros on 2006-09-10
Summary: Another children vampire more.
This time is 'Mars' who plays the new gyonshi-hunter Taoist Priest; his distinctive sign is not the "one-eyebrow" but the "red nose", and he is one of the baddies. Bill Tung plays a scientist specialized in gyonshi and A-Kui, his young assistant, befriends Ding-Dong (Siu Kei-Kei), a "white" vampire child with a musical watch escaped from his coffin, who is searched by his vampire family. The Taoist Priest and the village Police Captain (Wu Cheng-Tung) want to capture the vampires and everybody will meet in a ruined house in the final climactic scene.

This is a vampire movie for kids and you will find the usual slapstick and jokes of this sub-genre. It's not as bad as other vampire movies for kids but not as good as the official Mr. Vampire movies or even as the unofficial movies of the series, including "The Musical Vampire". Most of the gags are spoiled by an inexperienced director, and other gags could have been removed because they are simply unfunny. A couple of nice scenes only, and a strange oniric musical scene for children with a catching song.

Only recommended for gyonshi completists.
Reviewer Score: 5