New Police Story (2004)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-10
Summary: The best Hong Kong Jackie Chan film in years
In the past, in regards to Jackie Chan, complaints have ranged from poor acting to bad characters to no plot, yet his latest Hong Kong effort delivers in all three areas. If you are a Chan fan or if you are looking for a decent submission into Hong Kong crime drama cinema, this will appeal to you. The main premise deals with a group of rich kids who rob banks for the thrill and to bring them their favorite canon fodder: cops. When Chan's character vows to find them in 3 hours time the kids make it personal, the results of which leave Chan in a state of drunken despair as his life falls apart. As the movie progresses different layers of the characters are revealed as Chan tries to take revenge. There are only a couple fight scenes, but plenty of action and most importantly - well delivered drama, particularly from Chan. If you want a goofy martial arts movie wait for his next American effort, if you want a Chan film with some substance and heart, get a copy and enjoy.

Reviewer Score: 8