The Legend of Zu (2001)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-10
Summary: Lack of Drama Meets Impressive CGI
In this quasi sequel to Tsui Hark's earlier piece, clans of immortals battle evil among floating mountains. Personally, the visuals worked for me and though the CGI was a bit too much at times, it still was all very majestic looking. The main problem I have with these sort of CGI based HK fantasies is that the drama tends to be sedated; here it's particularly bland. The plots themselves are interesting enough, but there is no real impact as the characters for the most part stay straight faced and emotionally unaffected by the things happening around them save for the spiritual transitions that come from it. That said, still worth a watch, especially if you want to see the first one retranslated into modern times.
Reviewer Score: 6