Heroes of the East (1978)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-11
Summary: Non-Death Oriented Classic
Ah To (Gordon Lui) marries a Japanese woman (Mizuno Yuko) who is confident that Japanese martial arts is superior to Chinese. When she leaves him, Ah To writes a challenge inviting her back and unwittingly attracts the attention of Takeno (Kurata Yasuaki) and his brothers who come to prove the superiority of Japanese martial arts.

The fight scenes as the film progresses eventually lay themselves out as a series of challenges to Gordon Lui's character in which he must overcome various styles of martial arts including Takeno's Crab Fist style. Overall, aside from a bit at the end the martial arts are fluid and genuine as Japanese and Chinese styles square off. The emphasis here is not so much on which style is better, as it is on respect for your opponent and the experience learned from such matches. The fight choreography is tight and interesting at all times, though not up to director Liu Chia-Liang's later masterpieces.

Worth checking out especially if you want to see a film not littered with death and destruction and instead concentrating on the philosophy behind martial arts.
Reviewer Score: 8