Legendary Weapons of China (1982)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-11
Summary: The Legendary Liu Chia-Liang
Liu Chia-Liang's masterpiece in which he directed and starred involves his character trying to break up a sect of pugilism practitioners. Several members of the pugilist clan try to hunt down his whereabouts as he lives in seclusion, eventually practicing his skill in martial arts to face against his brother. Several plot twists ensue.

Some great display of weapon-dry as well as just an excellent sense of plotting and character development. To contrast Chen Chang's death oriented movies, Liu Chia-Liang creates yet another movie centered on the practice and belief of the value of martial arts rather than the superiority of style. The action scenes are amazing, with the mythical aspects eventually standing aside to the practice of martial arts.

Considered a classic by many, this film will at the least give you an appreciation of the authentic forms used by Lui Chia-Liang in many of his stand out pieces. Appearances and performances by: Gordon Lui, Kara Hiu, Alexander Fu, and Hsiao Ho among others brings this piece into classic status. Well worth checking out.
Reviewer Score: 9