Operation Scorpio (1992)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-11
Summary: Check it Out
Yu Shu (Chin Kar Lok) fantasizes of being a hero, something that becomes his chance at a reality when facing against scorpion kung fu master Sunny (Kim Won-Jin in his best role). Training under Mast Lo (Liu Chia-Liang) and teaching himself his own eel style kung fu, Yu Shu attempts to right wrongs in his final battle against Sunny and his cronies.

Although no where near to the par of his 70s hits, Liu Chia-Liang attepts once again, with some success, to bring the old school martial arts feel to modern day film making. Kim Won-Jin is amazing as master of the scorpion style who has perfected his own brand of exaggerated martial arts, though weak in concept, high in style. Chin Kar Lok holds well as the lead, though the very end "bouncing" sequence was a bit of a lame wire-work finale. Overall very worth the recommend. A last chance to see Liu Chia-Liang handling the three sectioned staffed amongst other genuine martial arts practice mixed with new wire-work philosophy. If you love martial arts, check this film out, due credit based on Kim Won-Jin's unique style all of it's own. Also notable is a different version of eel kung fu than Dirty Kung Fu, practiced this time around by Chin Kar Lok, instead of Wang Yu.
Reviewer Score: 8