The Invincible Kung Fu Trio (1978)
Reviewed by: calros on 2006-09-11
Summary: Four wasted heroes.
This is the first time I see the four Manchu martial heroes together: Fong Sai-Yuk, Hung Hei-Koon, Luk Ah-Choi (master of Wong Kei-Ying, the father of Wong Fei-Hung: see "Challenge of the Masters") and of course Wing Chun ;-) . The story tells about the three Shaolin disciples Fang Shi-Yu (Meng Fei), Hong Xi-Guan (Li Chung-Chien) and Lu A-Cai (Liu Chung-Liang) and their fight against the impostor of abbot Fung Yao-Yu from Wu Tang (Chin Kang) or something like that. But Fung masters the Butterfly Kung Fu and is almost invincible, and also has "created" three clones more of Fang, Hong and Lu (!!!). Pretty Yung Chun (Angela Mao Ying) and his father Master (Lu Ping) will help the legendary trio. I expected much more of this family reunion, but the movie is only so-so and the martian sound effects don't help.
Reviewer Score: 5