House of Fury (2005)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-12
Summary: An Easy Watch
Caring father Terry (Anthony Wong) is a single father who is trying to understand why his teenage kids don't have the same respect for him as they did when they were younger. His stories of spy adventures have started to grow on the kids nerves and they doubt his credibility until a wheelchair bound man (Michael Wong) brings trouble to the family's chiropractic shop. When their dad disappears it's up to the kids (Stephen Fung and Gillian Chung) to band together to learn the truth about their father's past and fight to save him.

Aside from some plot holes which they lampoon themselves early in the movie, this is a decent enough comedy-martial arts in the spirit of a HK teen oriented spy kids, minus the CGI. With Yuen Woo Ping as the martial arts advisor, the fight scenes are solid and fairy frequent. Even legend Wu Ma gets his hands in the fight scenes, though the stand out here is American child Jacob Strickland who provides the most intense and fluid fight scenes, using a staff. The movie for the most part is blood and death free, which isn't a bad thing in this case. The whole production comes off very fun spirited, and if that's the sort of movie you are looking for, this will fit the bill perfectly.
Reviewer Score: 7