A Real Man (1971)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2006-09-15
Summary: Blandly Unique
The plot, involving stolen gold and a murder which results in a wrongly accused man's family being killed, is pretty uninteresting for the most part, but most likely because this movie is dated and a bit of a b-movie. The acting never amounts to much, but the costumes and sets were decent enough.

This movie, obviously trying to be unique, features some original weapons that are for the most part laughable. One villain wears gloves that look like tan bear claws or something of the sort while another wears gloves with two blades on them. While the latter might sound interesting, it comes off looking silly and has no real practical or unique application. The fights themselves aren't exactly bad, but still almost average at best. Not worth seeking out, but catch it on tv if you get a chance.
Reviewer Score: 4